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every sunday
10 until 4
opening may 12, 2024

you're welcome.

hey greely!

it's about time we had a market of our very own.

A place to meet up with friends, grab a coffee, lunch or even a cocktail. pick up your bread, get some fresh veggies and a bouquet of flowers.

Do a little shopping with ottawa's hottest vendors. Housewares, A little fashion, a little beauty, a little thrifting and a whole lotta greely good fun.

all without ever leaving the village.

We will be open every sunday, starting May 12, 2024.  

become a vendor

Greely Good Market is always looking for exceptional talent and unique goods.  If you are interested in being a GREELY GOOD vendor please send us a direct message on instagram. We do 99% of our advertising + business via the 'gram - which makes it super important that you have social media presence. We get it, not everyone has a ton of followers -  we just ask that you show up and show us watcha got!


Greely Good Market guests can expect a variety of high quality vendors + goods every. single. sunday.We do our best to ensure a "good mix" of vendors.  So if you are a greely good fit - we will let you know.  And if you're not - we are definitely not the only show in town.  You'll find a fit. YOU ARE AMAZING - we just have a good idea of what products our clientele are in the "market" for. 

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